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          Send your purchases to FriendShip's warehouse in the United States

          Make online shopping in the US and ship them to FriendShip's warehouse - address is available immediately after registration. In most cases, shipping to FriendShip is free.

          FriendShip can as well help you with shopping.

          FriendShip will pack and make your purchases ready to ship

          Once the purchases arrive at the warehouse, you'll see them in Personal Account. FriendShip takes photos of each parcel item, removes the original packaging and payment documents.

          How much does FriendShip's work cost? As much as you think is fair!

          Ship your parcel

          FriendShip combines all your purchases in one box, packs and ships to any convenient for you and your friends address!

          Each parcel is insured, so if there's been a loss, theft or damage - FriendShip will return your money.

          FriendShip has 230 friends in 7 countries and 58 towns

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          About me

          Good time of the day, my friends!
          My name is Natalia Lauk.I am a pianist from Krasnoyarsk, I live in the United States. FriendShip is a project for my close and distant friends, those who shop online in the United States. FriendShip is the first project that works on the basis of voluntary donation and support of the participants.

          My house

          This is the house where I live and where I send parcels from. FriendShip was born in 2011, when at the meeting of TM-Club, for the first time I told the name and the meaning of the project to my friends. Project is working mostly on trust, therefore, it is growing slowly, from one good person to another.

          Work with parcels

          This is my work with parcels - unpacking, taking photos, packing, shipping. But I do many other things - shopping for friends, bookkeeping and taxes, website design and pages in social networks, correspondence with sellers and with postal inspectors, visits to the post office, registration insurance, FriendShip blogging. And I pay attention to my other project - the piano studio of Natalia Lauk.

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